The Harvest Mouse

This site describes the Harvest Mouse in detail - its ecology, biology, behaviour, population dynamics etc. It also gives advice on how to find its nests and how to care for it as a pet.

The Harvest Mouse is our smallest rodent; an adult weighs about the same as a twenty-pence piece. The Harvest Mouse is unique in Europe in having a prehensile tail that it uses as security as it clambers about amongst the grass stems and brambles that form its habitat.

It is a captivatingly charming little mouse with a dark side.

This website pulls together research and literature as well as original observations into a readable lay-person’s account of Micromys minutus, the “smallest tiny-mouse”.


1 Discovery and Context

2 Micromys - Description

3 That Wonderful Procreant Cradle

4 Where Are They Now?

5 Deaths and Entrances

6 Keeping Harvest Mice as Pets

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